The Interactr Dashboard Overview


Text/image version of above video...

Let's have a look at the Interactr dashboard layout.

As soon as you log into the app, this is the first screen you see...

If you click on the 'Quick Start' button at the top it will direct you to an hour long, in-depth tutorial training video:

Next, the 'User Guide' button will take you to the support desk knowledge-base containing all our articles and support documents:

The 'Training Videos' button takes you to all the training videos inside the app itself and there are also links going to the following places:

  • Support Desk
  • Facebook group

Ok, let's head back to the main dashboard now.

If you click on the 'Need Help' button it will take you to our dedicated support desk where you can read articles and submit a helpdesk ticket.

You can use the search bar to look for answers or you can click on 'SUBMIT A REQUEST' to open up the submission form and send us a message.

Ok, lets; head back to the main dashboard again.

Right at the bottom there is an option to view our upcoming features and submit a feature request:

You can view all the feature requests, submit your own ideas and vote for your favourite feature ideas already listed there.

Back to the main dashboard now and if we look down the left hand side we can see a range of options...

  • Projects - where you can view any projects you have created and also create folders for them.
  • Media library - stores all the videos that you upload to the software.
  • Agency - where you can customise your white label options if you're an Agency level user.
  • Surveys - this is where you can create surveys and quizzes (coming soon)
  • Custom Lists - A Pro user feature which allows you to save email addresses without needing an autoresponder.
  • Help & Training - Another way to get the the tutorials and support desk
  • My Account - This is where you can update your profile and also access the integration services such as Zapier, Aweber etc.

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