Can I use Interactr for Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads?

Yes and No.

The main social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. do not currently support HTML5 video, therefore they do not support interactive video.

We do, however, allow you to share the links of your interactive videos on social media with a thumbnail, headline and description so people can click to go to your interactive video landing page to view your video.

This means you can share your interactive video on social media, but you can't embed your video on social media.

The reason that is okay in terms of sales is because social media is best used as a traffic source to get people to your landing page/funnel.

The reasons you don't want to host your video on social media are:

1. You don't own the platform (eg: Facebook ) therefore you have no control over it - you want to host your interactive video on a platform [your own funnel or website] so it can't be altered or shut down by a 3rd party.

2. You can't pixel high intent audiences if your interactive video is on Facebook - which means you would be leaving a lot of sales on the table by not being able to create custom or retargeting audiences of people that are interested enough to view your sales page/sales video etc.

(It's why you don't see websites or funnels on Social Media).

You want to host your interactive video on your landing page and use social media to drive traffic to that page, just like we do.

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