Using Dynamic Text to personalise your Interactive Videos



When you create a new Dynamic Text element this creates a text element with the content

"{parameter} Text Here"

The word inside the "{" and "}" is what's used to generate the dynamic text. "Dynamic" is a technical word for some text that will change based on code. In this case, it's the code in the URL of the browser.


So in this example, the URL is .

If we want to add some code to this to make the text dynamic we would add "?parameter=value" to the end of the URL like this:

So the text element we created above would now say "value Text Here". The text {parameter} is replaced with the text after the "=" sign in the Url that matches the word in the middle.


Real-World Example

So the text "value Text Here" is not going to be useful for your Interactive Videos so let's look at a more useful example.

So if we wanted to display the user's name to them when watching the video we could do this. Firstly, change the text in the dynamic text element to "Hello {name}, How are you today!".


Now on either your share page or any page you embed interactr on add the text ?name=Chris to the end of the URL like this:



Setting Default Values 

When you're using dynamic text but the parameter doesn't exist in the URL we can set default values in the sidebar. 

If we didn't set a default value in our "Hello {name}, How are you today!" example if would just show the text "Hello, How are you today!". However, if we wanted we could set a default value.

Todo this scroll down in the Text Element's properties to the "Parameters Default Values" Section and add in "name" with the default value of "Friend".


This will show the text "Hello Friend!, How are you today!" if no "name" parameter is set in the URL.



Using Multiple Parameters

One important thing to note is when using parameters in URL's the first parameter needs to start with a "?" but any other parameters start with "&".  Here's an example using firstname and surname parameters:

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