Creating Your First Project

Creating Your First Project

From the projects list page (accessed by clicking the projects icon in the sidebar). Click the new project button in the header.


You can then choose between creating a new project or create a project based on one of our predefined templates.



Generic Templates

The generic templates are layout templates that show different examples of interactive videos we have found on the web.

Evolution Agency Club Templates are only available to Agency Club users. If you've purchased Agency Club but don't have access to these templates please contact our support team. 


Evolution Agency Club Templates

Our local templates are custom made internally by our very own video team. These videos are all written, and edited exclusively for interactr customers. Each month new templates will be added into your Agency Club account.

Evolution Templates are only available Interactr Pro users, if you've purchased Interactr Pro but not able to access the templates please contact our support team.


New Project Form


The next step is to enter a name and description for your project. The name and description are used when sharing the project on social media so ensure you enter something here that you want to see when sharing on Social Media.



Adding the project to a folder makes it easier to organize your projects in your project list page as seen in the screenshot below from the Project List page.



Legacy Project

Tick this legacy project box if you want to create a new project using the old version of our interactive video player. In Interactr Evolution we built a brand new player that's the fastest we've built and runs only on uploaded mp4 files that we then encode to fast video streams.

The legacy player plays raw mp4 files / YouTube Links and Vimeo Links but does not have access to the latest analytics and features such as Interaction Layers.

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