The Project Canvas

The Project Canvas


The project canvas is the flowchart for your interactive video project.

Click the upload new video in the button right to add videos to your project. More information can be found in the video section of the help center.

To rename a video click on the video name and change the video name in the popup.

Once you have videos in your Media Library for the project you can drag the video thumbnail into your project to create a new node.

To rename a node you can either click on a node and then click the edit icon. Or you can double click on the node name. It's also possible to delete and copy nodes from the node menu which appears under the node once it's selected.

Each node contains one video and a bunch of Interactive elements. It's possible to change the video in a node from the Node Editor.

To enter the node editor double click on a node.

The green "S" icon shows the start video of the project. You can change this by dragging the icon and dropping it on any other node. 

Blue lines show actions that come from a button click, green lines show when video A will play video B when it finishes playing.

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